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Thursday, August 02, 2012

How I Became A Runner

In 2009 I started running. It happened by sort of accident and necessity. Here is a bit of the background.

When I was in Jr. High I ran cross-country but I wasn't good enough but I was consistent. I even
received the MVP award which I didn't attend. Most of my youth I kept active and pursued weight lifting in a class at school. After getting married I wasn't as consistent and didn't pay attention to my diet so my weight increased from 135 to 180's lbs. In 2009 I started weight lifting to see if it would help me but I just bulked up and my weight was almost 190 and and decided I had to do something else. So I tried biking. I tried biking twice a week for 30 minutes but I found it tedious. One day in June at the school I worked while waiting for Open House I decided to go out for a run. It was a 30 min. run. It was the most difficult run I've ever done. My feet felt like stones when I lifted them. But I decided I would do it again the next day after work. And the next day. And the next day. And it turned out to be something I did 6 days a week for 45 mins.

But the first few months were difficult. I ran an average of 30 mins. a day. Then came knee pain which I have never had in my life. Trying different shoes and I wearing knee braces didn't help. But I continued running. In less than 6 months I lost the pounds and the inches. My weight now is between 165-167 pounds.

Running however, has mutated from an activity to lose weight to something I do because I want to keep my body healthy, but more importantly running is a time to think and pray. They all are intertwined now. I don't compete (even though I have ran 3 marathons), nor have any desire to. I am not good enough. I don't run because I love my body either. Like everything, God has given or entrusted me, I take care of it. Yes, I still say I have to run when I don't feel like it but I know it is more than that. It is part of me. I have no intentions on stopping and joining a cross-fit redemption group or other. I had enough of that before. It would ruin what I have now. Besides it's easy to just put shorts, shirt and shoes and go. I don't need directions, I only need my two feet. Everything else comes on the way!

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