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Friday, February 05, 2021

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Three virtues of a Christian

Paul (along with Silvano and Timothy) prays without ceasing "before God" for the virtues that believers in Thessalonik had shown when they converted to Christ.  Paul mentions for the first time in his writings (this letter was one of the first) the three cardinal virtues of a convert or christian.

Let's ask ourselves how these three virtues are true in us. 

1. Your faith v. 3a
"your work of faith"

Paul gives thanks for the evidence of Thessalonians' faith. In other words, their faith was true because it bore fruit. Faith without works is dead. This is what James teaches. Faith produces good works, but good works do not produce faith. A true convert shows evidence of his faith.

2. Your love v. 3b
"and labor of love"

In addition, the Thessalonians showed a deep love for others. Their love was evident to the point of tiredness and sacrifice. This was evidence that they were truly converted to Christ. This love is what we call "agape". It is a word that christians took from the Greek language to refer to the love of God. This is the love he gives to us when we come to believe in Christ. This love is not based on emotions or appearances. It is based on sacrifice. It is shown in actions. The Thessalonians showed it to the point of exhaustion. Love is really the convincing mark of a christian.

3. Your hope v. 3c
"steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ"

Finally, Paul gives thanks for their steadfastness in the "in hope in our Lord Jesus Christ." This means that despite the difficulties that were going on, they remained constant in the hope that the Lord would come (the other way to read it is that their faith, love, and hope are carried out "in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ"). 

Generally, it is in hard situations, in pain, in suffering that those who truly believe or do not believe in Christ will show in whom their hope rests. It will tell who are faithful and who are not; who are mature and those who are not mature in the faith. Despite the short time of being believers and the intense tribulation that had been unleashed (read Acts 17), the Thessalonians showed their faith, love, and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Someone said, "Faith looks to the past of the Crucified Savior. Love looks up at the Crowned Savior. Hope Looks to the Coming Savior." - Quoted in the commentary of 1-2 Thessalonians by D. Edmond Hiebert, p. 51

How are these three virtues in your life?

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

El Perfil de un Convertido a Cristo - 1 Tesalonicences

En el primer capítulo, Pablo da gracias en oración por la conversión de los Tesalonicenses. Este agradecimiento se debe a las virtudes cristianas que ellos ejemplifican (v. 3), por el hecho de que Dios los eligió (vv. 4-5), cómo ellos respondieron a esta elección (vv. 6-7) y por la manera en que han mostrado que son convertidos a Cristo (vv. 8-10). Estos creyentes, relativamente nuevos en la fe, son ejemplo para nosotros mostrándonos un perfil de uno que se ha convertido a Cristo. ¿Porqué es importante esto? Porque nos asegura que somos cristianos según lo que enseña la Biblia y nos da instrucción que necesitamos para seguir a Cristo fielmente.