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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Moral Clarity in Education

Moral clarity means that when a person is faced with a choice he or she makes the right choice. Of course, one can also make a wrong choice and still have moral clarity. But people who don't have moral clarity live in moral relativism where their decisions are based on the circumstances or what is expedient. I see the lack of moral clarity in education. It appears that it should be easy to make decisions about education based on what is right and what would benefit students but this isn't often the case. Decisions are often based on the politics pushed by those who seek a greater gain for the "Institution of Education." In other words, those really affected are ignored: the students. It is not that they don't know what's the right choice, but they have are just so involved in the grime of political maneuver that they often can't see with moral clarity. I have to say also, that teachers, for the most part, are people with moral clarity. They are out there everyday teaching the young generation. They know what is needed to do things right. But often their voices are not heard. Their voices never reach beyond the four walls. How do me restore moral clarity in education? It needs to start from the bottom up. It needs to start from our community which includes parents, children and even teachers.. They need to express their voices in one accord. Only then, can we restore moral clarity in education
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