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Monday, July 23, 2007

Teaching to Change Lives Part 2

The last week of school I passed around a journal and asked my students to write their thoughts about their school year. The results, which I will post here makes me realize that they changed a lot. This is why I teach. I teach to change lives.

Quotes from Students About Our 2006-2007 Class
(with minimum editing)

• “I want to ask you guys a question, all you guys that are reading. Will we ever have a teacher like Mr. G? I have improved a lot…I’ve improved in my reading a lot.”

• “This whole year has changed me. I have improved more than ever.”

• “I have improved this year in math, reading, and habits.”

• “I have improved in getting organized in my reading log.”

• “ I have only improved with my reading and history”

• “I have learned a lot in this grade”

• “I had a lot of homework but its worth it. I have improved in my reading a lot thanks to Mr. G. Last year I had about 5.0 points and now I have more than 70.0 points. I am more confident in saying things. What I am really trying to say is thanks Mr. G and my class. Thank you all for giving me the best year of all.”

• “This year I had the most excitement I had ever had in all my School years. If it wasn’t for Mr. G I would never had any experience of being Student Body President….He also introduced me to new books such as Maximum Ride and Lord of the Rings. I really appreciate it Mr. G.”

• “Mr. G you are the best teacher I have ever had. You have taught me a lot…I wish when I go to 6th grade you would be my teacher.”

• “This year has been the year that I don’t want it to end.”

• “At the beginning of the school I didn’t read nothing. But I am stupid, now I changed. I changed when I came to 5th grade.”

• “Over they year I had improved a lot more than last year (in…..class).”

• “At the beginning of the year I didn’t accomplished that much. Then when they year passed I improved….I improved more this year than last year.”

• “In the beginning of the year I was scared. I didn’t understand anything that Mr. G said but after months passed by I could understand more than the first day’s of they year. And I could read books in English because I know more words than when I began to read books of 2nd grade. But now I could read 4th grade.”

• “I am very happy that I did more better and had more A.R. points than last year thanks to Mr. G for pushing me and pushing me.”

• “I hate that I could only spend one year with you.”

• “I learned a lot from you. You helped me a lot. Now I am going to really, really try my best.”

• “Thank you very much for pushing me.”

• “______and I liked the novels we read in the class.”

• “I hope all my teachers will be like you next year. I really hope you can stay here next year at S Elementary School.”

• “Mr. G, this year has been great! I learned so much and I improved a lot, but I could have never done it without your help. I will miss you so much!”

• “I read the card you wrote me about the leadership. I have read and thought about it. I think I am a bad leader but I will change. I am a strong boy. I will stand for what I believe and stick with it. I will be a good leader. I will never follow anyone ever!!”

• “Mr. G I know that I have done lots of mistakes this year. And I will change. On my honor.”

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