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Friday, February 15, 2008

Teaching to Change Lives Part 4

In my previous blog I mentioned the first "law" of teaching, to get to know students on a personal basis. The second law of teaching is to teach with passion. Teaching with passion means that when you share with students a particular subject, you share something that is real for you, as much as possible. Be open and admit it when you don't like a subject but show your willingness to learn. Don't fake it! Let me clarify a bit more. Maybe, you don't really "love" the subject but when you present to your students, you present it with enthusiasm. Make it believable. Let them see how you are a learner too. Don't say, "I am going to teach a subject, but I don't really like it but I have to teach it." Or, when you say, "reading is important and we should always be reading", don't just say it. Show it. Recently during our reading time with my 8th grade reluctant readers, I have begun to read as well. I have noticed a difference. They seemed to be quieter whereas before they had a hard time being quiet. I was trying to get them all quiet by "saying" things instead of showing them. Showing them tells them that I value it. It makes it believable. They don't just hear that I love reading. They see it.

I often hear from students that their teachers are boring and in part they are right. Many of us don't have the passion for the subjects we teach. Thus, when it is delivered it comes across to them as boring. If we want to impact our students we need to resuscitate our teaching and make it our passion. Embrace it. Make it personal. Make it real. Share it with passion! When you do this, they may see you as a bit "odd". They don't often see it!