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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Short Review of the movie "Sin Nombre"

I just posted a short review of the movie "Sin Nombre" on Flickster on Facebook and thought it would be a good idea to post it here too. There are two intertwined plots: a gangster among Mara Salvatrucha and a teenager traveling from Honduras to the US. It's a very realistic portrayal of both. It's not a very hopeful movie but its depiction is very real. Being from El Salvador I experienced traveling from El Salvador to Mexico by bus to cross the border in Tijuana. I can say I was able to empathize with the immigrants even though I didn't experience much of what they did. But watching this movie revived my feelings. It is sad to see what many of those who are Salvadoreans like me, have done with their gang life. This movie makes it real. It will not make you feel happy after watching the movie but it will surely show you the "world" we don't often see. The movie is very violent, has a sexual scene and uses strong language. If you understand Spanish you will get all the nuances. Definately not a movie for everyone. Only for those who are mature to understand (or want) the societal aspects surrounding gang life and the immigration dilemma.
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