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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thoughts on Genesis 9:18-29

Thoughts on Genesis 9:18-29
What caused Noah to get drunk? Did he get carried away? Was he experiencing
distress? Many times complacency comes after a great experience and we become prone to temptation. Noah had a long history in his relationship with God yet he failed after such a high. It is hard to believe this but we are all human. What really gets me is that there's no consequence for his action. Nothing is mentioned. Is it possible his relationship with Ham was estranged after this? I believe so. Even with such event, Noah's reputation as a man of faith is preserved in the Bible (see Hebrews 11). As for the punishment for Ham, it seems unjust. Something appears to be missing? It appears that respect and honor of parents above their weaknesses. I read a commentary by Louis T. Talbot (for which Talbot Seminary is named) and he calls Ham's sin a perversion but no real proof is offered. God sees more in Ham, his heart. I don't know what God saw but we know for a fact that Ham's descendants the Canaanites were really bad. Noah's prophecy almost seems that no mercy is available for Ham. Does
God predestine some for doom without giving them a chance? This is a hard question to answer that only God knows. I certainly will not answer it.
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