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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Will Justice Come?

Here is one of my poems from Poems For The Journey

Will Justice Come?

by eig

Isaiah 32:1-8

A man in ragged clothes is in a corner standing

Begging for money for a piece of bread

Another comes out of a restaurant laughing

Passing by him; he has been well fed

A woman sobs seating in her living room

Bruses on her body, her nose bleeding

A man singing out of tune

Feeling brave after the beating

A child wakes up trembling

Begging the man she loves not to hurt her

The abuse she has been remembering

If only she could say it louder

A young man taken into custody

The coroners has identified the bodies

It all happened as a rhapsody

In a cell he will have new buddies

A woman looks out her window

Wishing tomorrow she'll have a better mood

Lonely and sad as a widow

A year has passed and there she has stood

Physically and emotionally drained

An old man walks through the door

He's been fired for the job he was trained

He is too old to serve any more

A yound mother is counting her pennies

Hoping to have enough money

To buy her children some tennies

Where is the man that called her honey?

This is the world where we live today

Injustice is around every corner

Will justice come some day?

Will it ever be better?

Look up and pray to the King

He's coming to reign in righteousness

There will be justice for all human beings

Will you be ready to face his Holiness?

© Saturday, June 13, 1998


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