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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The goatee Analogy: We are Never Satisfied

I like to grow my goatee. I like to shave it. So I did yesterday. It is interesting that at home, my wife and
children didn't even notice. Much the same at school with my students. Few did, then they all told each other and complained. They said they preferred me with a goatee. Yet when I was growing it, they disliked it. We do this with people as well. We notice when they appear in our lives or in our territory. Carefully, we analyze them and determine whether we will like them or not. Then we become accustomed to them. But when they disappear from our lives we don't really notice them. And we forget (this happens a lot in churches when people come and leave).

We are never satisfied. This reminded me what Jesus said in Luke 7. When John the Baptist appeared preaching, a man who was quite unique, for neither  drank wine nor ate common food, people called him a demon. When Jesus came, drank and ate, then they called him a drunk and a glutton. And the wisdom of God always proves our foolishness.
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