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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our Son's Graduation, a reprise.

I wrote a poem in April 2010 before he was out of High School, and our son started school August 23. Tomorrow he graduates. But here some thoughts I wrote in August as well. They are still true today.


17 years ago and 9 months I saw you for the first time, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve witnessed. I held you in my arms then and seen you grow from a little boy whose hand I held, played with, laughed with, argued with, talked with, spent time with and taught to be a good christian gentleman. I’ve never let you out of my sight since then except for brief times, and I still remember your first day of Kinder. Today is the moment I never thought would come but it has. It is the time when I must leave so you may start a new journey on your own. Even though I will see you again, things will be different than it has been. You will have to make many decisions and remember what is right and wrong. You must take care of yourself without me watching you. Yes, in a sense you are free. Free to make decisions. Free to be anyone you want to. You are not free of responsibility nor of the results of your decisions. But I trust you will make wise choices and be a better man than I am. As I take the role of a coach, I will cheer you, give you tips, yell at you, and encourage you. I will be here anytime you need me. Yet you have the freedom to decide. It’s all up to you now. So go my boy, soar up high this time all on your own! As I watch remember I love you so much! You are always welcome to come back to our nest.

Fleeting Time

Time flees

I'd like to see

Stop for me

I look at you

What you do

You've grown so too

Hold it there!

My little boy is gone

I don't know where!

Please time, stop fleeting!

Let me enjoy

My boy is growing

Too fast, too fast

My heart is beating!


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