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Monday, November 11, 2013

Adoption and The Military

I enjoy analogies or comparisons. Today I was thinking about the reasons why people join the branches of the military and as I did, I thought of the similarities with adoption (or adopting).

1. It is a good deed. Joining the military and adoption is a good deed or action.

2. It is inspired by love of country. People join the military because of the values our country stands for and in a sense, a love for people. People adopt because they love children which are part of our country (domestic adoptions) and our desire is for them to be good citizens and good Christians in our country. There is some sort of correlation between both, though not perfect.

3. It is an act of service. The military serves the larger community, adoption serves a particular part, children.

4. It saves lives. When those in the service act in their military duty, it is to protect and save lives. Those who adopt protect and save the lives of children.

Here are some aspects where I think the analogy fails:

Those in the military, in some degree, receive honor and/or recognition. This is not the case with those who adopt.

Those who adopt shape and form young lives. There are some who get to do this in the military but it is not the primary focus as in adoption.



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