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Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Son Diamond Reviews Millhouse

The main character is Millhouse, the major characters the Pepper Brown, the other animals, and the Weekend Boy, and the minor characters: Elliot, the Army Mice, the Gray Mice, and The Firefly. I think the theme is that everybody should get a chance to be loved. I think the setting is a good setting, not bad, because it is a pet shop and a theater. It makes sense because there are mostly animals, and one of them has a passion for the theater.

Millhouse was a very unfortunate guinea pig, and think that was pretty sad. I also think it was pretty sad how basically everyone he knew hated him. Only some people liked him, his friends, which I thought was pretty nice of them: Elliot a rat, the Gray Mice, and The Firefly. Another that I believe was pretty unfortunate, was how Millhouse was almost eaten two times by the Pepper Brown, a devilish ferret: once in the pet shop, and once in the theater. Army Mice and a ginger tabby cat saved Millhouse, though. Once there was a fire in the pet shop and Millhouse saved all of the animals that were in there. I thought he was brave and nice at that time. In the end of the book, he got all of the praise from the animals, and a new home by a girl who loved him.

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