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Monday, March 09, 2015

Defending the Gospel - Acts 21:36-22:23

Here is the audio recording for Acts 21:36-22:23 taught during our Sunday School hour at Village Bible Church.

Paul’s trials which cover a period of two years, Acts 22-26, deal with his defense on the accusations that he is advocating an overthrow of the Jewish religion. He will argue that this is not what he is doing but is following a calling given to him by God. A calling that involves preaching the good news of the Gospel, namely, Christ is the risen Lord and Savior who call men to repent.

We learn several things from this passage:

1. When defending ourselves as Christians, the best way to do it is by sharing our testimony. We can model it after Paul by focusing on our life prior to becoming Christians, how the Lord saved us (focus on what the Lord did, not what we did) and how we are now because of Him.

2. Our calling, even in rough times, is to be his witnesses whatever the cost may be. We need to trust our sovereign Lord.

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