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Friday, March 25, 2011

Jesus My Love

Here is a poem from "Poems For The Journey"

Jesus My Love
by eig

Oh Jesus, you are my first love
I wish that I wouldn't only remember you as someone above
But that you are in my life, my only true love
I remember the day when you saved me
I felt you so close and free as a dove

But slowly and surely as the years have passed by
I realize how cold I've become
I invited you into my life, and that is no lie
But often I don't acknowledge you're right by my side
But your grace and faithfulness to me is so awesome
Is not compared to what's given by some
You patiently wait with arms open wide
Your love draws me and again to you I come
And my love is again as that of a bride
I only wish it would always be such a strong drive
But I am so weak, and it is only because of your grace that I barely survive
Yet, I will not stop to continue to strive
For the love of my life, my Jesus, in whom I abide

Saturday, April 18, 1998

Copyright 2011 by eig
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