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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Poems For The Journey: A Christian Pilgrim On The Way Shares His Heart Through Poetry

I never thought I would write poetry.  Before 1998, I had written maybe one or two poems.  I had no intentions of ever writing any. Then came 1998. It was a year of struggles and suffering.  Thus, I began to write poems to reflect my thinking and my struggles.  The poems written during this year are very personal.  After this year I wrote a few more in the year 2000.  My life started a downward spiral of questioning my faith. I wrote some more poems in the year 2001 that reflect my life drying up spiritually. I wrote some more in 2002.  A total of about 88 were written during this time. I stored them away. I didn't read them. I struggled in my faith the next six years. It was not until over a year ago that my faith has gone through radical re-shaping by God. Last year, I started to put them in order and organized them in a systematic way. I had intentions of publishing them but didn't think they were good enough.  And they are not. They are not on par with Dickinson, Rosetti, Whitman or any other poet.  But as I read and looked for poetry that reflects the Truth of God's Word and the struggles Christians face I didn't find anything.  It may be my oversight but it appears to me as such. The digital age has now allowed me to self-publish them through the Kindle store.

Today I created a blog Poems For The Journey for these poems and wrote this:

"It's been a long time since I have been with the desire to publish poems that I wrote many years ago.  It's been a long process but I finally got them published on the Kindle.  They will soon show up at Amazon.  Many are reflections of the Christian faith, my questions, my observations and struggles.  Some are very personal, thus emotional.  I was hesitant to release these, but I have.  I do it so that in some way they might serve as an encouragement for those who are also going through similar circumstances.  I do pray that they are beneficial and edifying for the Body of Christ.  I make no apologies for any of them. I do know that they aren't on par with professional poets but it doesn't really matter to me. They are what they are and the content reflects my deep thoughts and experiences.  Thus, I release them!"

You can find it in the Kindle Store.
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