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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Mom Chosen By God

I have been meeting with parents this week. This has let me to reflect the blessing they are for their children. I see how much they do for their kids and how much they provide for them. So naturally, I started thinking about my mom.

Today she turned 83. I thought of how God chose her (read Psalm 139:15-18), not someone else, to be my mom. Yes, let's get it clear, she wasn't perfect at all. She was by-product of her times.  She grew up in a rural area in El Salvador, had 3rd grade education, worked hard, never received attention from her parents nor received the material benefits many others had. In fact, she started wearing shoes at around 16 years old.  She had kids at a young age (I am not sure when she married and I am leaving some details out) and old age, ten total. One did not survive (it was a boy). I was child number eight. She was 42 when I was born and she gave birth to my baby sister at 44.   We grew up in rural area and I have faint memories, none of my mother when she was young.  As a mom, she worked tirelessly to provide for all of us. So I didn't see her much as I was growing up.  She also wasn't the affectionate nor the apologetic type. I don't remember her saying "I love you," or "I am sorry." Her parents were like that, she was like that, and I am somewhat like that (ouch!).

But she was the mom God chose for me. I didn't choose her. It's not my job to question it. It is my duty to accept it and be thankful to God for her. It is my duty to honor her as my mom.  He chose her just as He chose to grant me grace I didn't deserve. He saved me, and this is not from myself, it is a gift of God (Ephesians 2:8). She was God's instrument to bring me to this world, to provide for me, to guide me, to nurture me and yes, to love me.

She also has taught me with her example. She has always been a giver. In fact, she has given so much to others that she has very little materially. She had chances to make money, but decided to give to others. She was never selfish and thought of herself first.  Many times I have thought she went too far, but she never has regretted this. I fall short in being like her. 

She also possesses determination and resilience.  She has faced very difficult situations and has overcome them.  Whether it was walking long distances to provide for her family or working tirelessly, she has never given up. 

She is compassionate and cares for people. I can make a list of the people she has helped or cared for without counting her 9 children, 21+ grand kids and great grand kids.  

As she has aged, my mom can no longer do what she was able to do. But she has left a mark on me forever. I can only be thankful for being my mom. When eternity knocks at her door, I know she will be well received and I will miss her greatly. But not forever. I walk the same path. We'll be together. Forever!

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