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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why I Run and Why I Don't

The title of the post is not a contradiction. I do run, an average of 3.8 miles six days a week. People that know me and don't know me should know why I run and what are the reasons I don't run (wrong reasons for me). Not that it matters to most, but it's now here.

I don't run:

1. To compete. Next Sunday I will run my 4th marathon in Huntington Beach. I am not competing. I don't really train for it. I just decided to run it once and now I run it every year. All I care is that I make it to the end. I guess, I could say that I compete with myself.

2. To show how disciplined I am. I struggle to keep the discipline. Many times I don't want to run, like today that I will run 13 miles. This is why I don't go to the gym (I have a full set of weights I don't use either) or join cross fit or any other sport.  Besides, I don't have time. Running is easy.

3. To prove that I am not old. I don't even think I should say  more.

4. To show that I only care about my body (narcissism) or that it is my foremost priority. Yes, I have been criticized for doing it "too much." I am not trying to impress anyone. I don't even look good when running, I thought I did, until I saw myself in a store window and in a video from the Marathon. My self-perception was ruined. I also have bow legs. There.

Why I run:

1. It's a spiritual exercise. Huh? I know. You think I am a nut. If you want to understand how I started running read the post here. I use running to fellowship with God. Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect. My mind wonders too much.  In the Bible running is used as a metaphor for the Christian life (see here and here). We run the Christian life to win (finish) the race.  We will win not because of us, but because Christ will give us the strength to finish it.  I intend to keep running as long as God gives me the physical strength because it is more than just running.

2. It teaches me discipline. Running helps me learn discipline. It helps me understand that in every other area, including spiritual, I need discipline.

3. It keeps my body healthy.  The body I have is not mine. It has been entrusted to me by God. I need to take care of it, and running (in addition to healthy eating habits) is the easiest way for me to care for it.
Someday my body will be transformed and I will not need to run for any reason. Till then (or until I am no longer able), I will run.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blog in e-Book Form

Found this site. It makes your blog into ebook format. It doesn't make all your posts but it's pretty cool.

Here is the link for my blog.