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Monday, April 21, 2014

Book Review: Fish Finelli, Operation Fireball by Diamond G.

This book was an advance copy through Librarything.
My ten year old son Diamond has written a short review.

I enjoyed this book a lot because it is one of the best book I've ever read. This book had all of the things I thought it would not have. The book I just read is a really good, fast paced book.

The things I expected that it would not have is the action, funny, hilarious stuff. Some not-so good stuff and a bunch of others stuff.  When it comes to funny stuff in this book, it is not even hilarious. It is more than hilarious. It is so funny that it made me laugh! Rodger was probably the funniest. He told the most funniest jokes throughout the whole book. Some of the things he wrote were not even jokes. They were more funny than jokes.

This book is not published (he didn't know it was published!) yet so it might have mistakes. It also has the sketches and all of that. It says "THIS IS A SKETCH. FINAL ART TO COME."
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