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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jesus, The Gospel & The Church

What is the Gospel and what is the Church's role in it? Jesus, after resurrecting from the dead, clearly
delineated what the Gospel involves.

There are approximately 7.3 billion in the world today. Of these, about 2.84 billion, or 41.1% of the total are unreached. They may have Christians (about .04%) but the vast majority have not heard the Gospel. Most of these are in the 10/40 Window (Africa, South Asia, SE Asia, the Middle East and parts of Europe). - Operation World

The church is growing in Africa, Latin America, East Asia and China. See http://www.thetravelingteam.org/articles/growth-of-the-church

"American evangelicals could provide all of the funds needed to plant a church in each of the 7,000 people groups with only 0.2% of their income. If all the missionaries needed came from America, less than 0.5% of evangelicals ages 18 - 35 could form the teams required." - The Traveling Team web site

Jesus, The Gospel & The Church

I.  The Command - (What) John 20:21-23
II. The Recipients - (Who) Mark 16:15-16
III.  The Strategy - (How) Matthew 28:19-20
IV.  The Content - (What) Luke 24:46-47 
Without Christ’s death and resurrection there is no Good News.
 (Acts 4:12)
V. The Strategy - (Where) Acts 1:8

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