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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Standing Firm on the Way - Acts 24

Paul has been brought to Caesarea where he awaits trial for the alleged accusations.

In this section we see how Paul defends his faith in God "according to the Way" before the governor Felix and his accusers. He focuses on the resurrection of the dead and the judgment of God upon the righteous and unrighteous. Paul also has an opportunity to share with Felix about his faith in Jesus Christ. Felix listened to Paul many times but does not come to belief in Christ. In the end Paul is left in prison for two years and remains there after Felix is succeeded by Porcius Festus.

We learn from this section that our focus should be on how The Way gives us a new life and assures us of the resurrection unto life. Let's not forget that is a judgment to come, and everyone will be judged. Those who believe in Christ will be resurrected unto life those who don't unto eternal separation from God. Let's not be afraid to speak of the truths of God's Word.

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