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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Don't Get It!

I just finished reading parts of a blog titled "I don't get it" about large churches.  The author doesn't get it why we need them.  I read a bit of it but didn't finish it because I knew what he would say.  But God still uses us, his Church in spite of our short comings, especially in how we "do" church.

I have been looking at jobs in churches, and I just don't get it either. Why do churches look for "professionals" to do God's work?  Their qualifications go page after page. Scripture has simple qualifications for pastors (I Tim. 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9). I just know also that none of the Apostles with the exception of Paul would have qualified under the "professional requirements", though his record before becoming a Christian would probably have disqualified him too. Jesus would not have qualified for any job either. I don't think I am on par with Jesus or his disciples. Nor do I think myself better than any of the pastors of  churches with large numbers.  But I don't think I am inferior, though at times I sure feel this way.  I wonder whether I have the same faith. The words of the apostle Peter come to mind in 2nd Peter 1:1 where he says we have the "same faith" as all the apostles.  Thank God! It makes me feel better.

I admit that I have applied to some of these churches, most of them under 1000. But I know I probably won't be considered for any of them. Why did I do it? I guess it's to test whether there is a church out there that is open to God's leading. I know I sound presumptuous with this last sentence. I can't believe either that everyone "hired" by these churches are actually what God wants. I am not saying they are not either. I know God still uses us in spite of us. His work will continue in his church. I'm just trying to find out if maybe I have a part in any of them. The experiment will be over soon I'm afraid.
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