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Friday, August 23, 2013

Prayer and Body Life In The Church

I have been teaching Acts during Sunday School at Village Bible Church. Here are thoughts about prayer and Body Life in The Church from my study of Acts 4. These are not shocking revelatory. They are obvious. But are they evident in God's Church today?
About Prayer:
1. Prayers that should be natural for The Church. Every situation must be presented to God in prayer.

2. Prayers that acknowledge God's sovereignty over history, over our lives as we live for Him.
3. Prayers that use The Scriptures to apply to our lives.
4. Prayer requests that align themselves with God's known will as revealed in the Bible.
5. Prayers that expect God to answer.
About Body Life or what the church should experience as normal daily life as community.
1. They had one "heart and soul." Summarizes well what they were like as believers in JesusChrist.
2. They had everything (possessions) in common. They recognized they were stewards of what they had
from God. No Jewish dream?
3. The Apostles testified (boldly) the resurrection of Christ. It applies to all of us.
4. They experienced God's grace and it was evident everywhere.
5. They had generosity. No one was needy. People who were more affluent or had more shared with those in need. They had no government programs just The Church.

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