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Friday, November 12, 2010

Letters To My Son: Virtues

What are some virtues that I find very crucial for you at this period of time? The first one is prudence.  It is interesting that the word prudence comes from the word foresight.  That is what prudence is all about.  It is foreseeing how our choices have consequences and making sure our decisions are right.  There are times when we do the best we can (with the help of God of course) and yet we fail to see the possible result of our actions.  I have often told you that it is important to always think what could happen, good or bad, in a situation before carrying it out.  The book of Proverbs (which might be a good book to read now) talks a lot about prudence (Proverbs 1:4, 8:5). At this time of your life many young people don’t think prudently.  Impulse, desires, entertainment, and fun are the motivation and prudence is forgotten.  Our desires our not bad but as you know they can lead us the wrong way, to the wrong action, to the wrong habits. Please exercise prudence.
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